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Booking Policy

Please acknowledge LashbyVC's terms & conditions to view calendar.





  1. Transferable/Non refundable 50% deposit required. 

  2. No Pets/Children: Pets and children are not allowed in the studio.

  3. Exclusive Service: Fills only performed on extensions applied by LashbyVC.

  4. Existing Extensions: Clients with external extensions must book a removal and full set.

  5. Cancellation Policy: Less than 24 hours' notice for cancellations or changes will result in a full service charge.

  6. Late Arrivals: Appointments starting late maintain scheduled end times or may be rescheduled, with the original value charged.

  7. I authorize LashbyVC for semi-permanent eyelash extensions and understand associated risks. I release LashbyVC from liability for any personal injury or complications, known or unknown, arising from the application. I knowingly consent to the procedure, releasing claims for negligence and holding LashbyVC harmless for undisclosed preexisting conditions or subsequent changes.

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